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A full service editing experience

Editing Services


The standard charge for editing is $4.00 per page which includes the following:

NOTE: The initial evaluation with global response and comments is free. 

Editing Services for hire include:

  • Two rounds of copy editing, including author's responses to comments and track changes, author's feedback, and discussion before 2nd edit. 

  • A third review for polishing.

  • Mentoring and advice through the publishing phrase and audio releases -- for life.

Example: For a book of 350 pages, the editing cost would be $1400.00

* Note: We give reduced rates for authors who contract with us to use editing and audio services for subsequent books or books in a series. We reserve the right to give discounts or special pricing. 

Please submit manuscripts electronically according to the following guidelines:

1. Submit manuscript via Microsoft Word or Google Docs. 

2. Entire manuscript should be 12 point font. Font should be clean and readable. Acceptable fonts include: Calibri, San Serif, Helvetica, Times New Roman, and Courier New. 


3. Always double-space manuscripts.


4. Margins not to exceed 1 inch. Under the "Layout" tab on Microsoft Word, this is the "Normal" heading under "Margins.

5. Create a header. If you follow these instructions, the pagination will generate automatically along with the vital info. Under the "Insert" tab, select "page #." Select the drop-down window showing the page # at the top right. Just left of the page # appearing top right on your first page, type the title of your manuscript and your last name. If we are producing your sequels, please indicate which book or episode.  


Photo: Debbie Hudson

6. We will provide a non-disclosure agreement that the team will sign, agreeing that we will not disclose any aspect of your manuscript, including characters, world-building elements, and concept. 

7. We encourage you to register the title of your work, the concept, and a synopsis or outline with The Writer's Guild. Many books and podcasts become films, and this early registration protects you and your team of creators as author(s). Although this does not take the place of registration with the Library of Congress, the Writer's Guild will appear with you in court if there is ever a dispute as to originality. The Library of Congress doesn't offer that.

NOTE: Editing is done on a new file -- your original file will not be touched. You have the final say regarding changes and revisions. 

Click here to see an example of proper manuscript formatting

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